The Primary Care Cardiometabolic Risk Summit is dedicated to translating late-breaking clinical research on cardiometabolic syndrome risk reduction into practical and targeted education that can easily be applied to real-world clinical scenarios in the primary care setting. Primary care physicians (PCPs) and allied health professionals are optimally positioned to combat the increasing prevalence of cardiometabolic syndrome by addressing prevention and risk reduction, as well as treatment, monitoring, and essential patient education and involvement.

Led by PCPs and other clinical experts, the Cardiometabolic Risk Summit is designed to stimulate discussion and offer a forum in which best practices in cardiometabolic risk reduction and management can be shared among primary care colleagues from across the United States. The agenda for this fully accredited CME/CE conference features large group sessions and highly focused workshops, each led by well-respected PCPs and allied health professionals with an expertise in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, clinical nutrition, and obesity. Through cutting-edge educational sessions enhanced with effective, applicable best practice recommendations, PCPs and allied health professionals will be provided the vital tools necessary to turn the tide of the cardiometabolic syndrome epidemic.

The Cardiometabolic Risk Summit will convene PCPs, internists, general practitioners, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, certified diabetes educators, dietitians and other related healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of patients at risk for cardiometabolic syndrome.

Why offer a conference dedicated to cardiometabolic risk?
With the prevalence of cardiometabolic syndrome affecting more than 1 in 3 adults in the United States, primary care practitioners are increasingly playing an essential role in the diagnosis and treatment of these patients. Continuing medical education is critical in staying up to date on best practices, the latest research, and new advances in managing patients with cardiometabolic syndrome.